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Advantages of EMS

Advantages of SEM in your digital marketing strategy for internet advertising

The democratization of website advertising has made any business, big or small, can do Internet publicity without the need to make a large investment as in other advertising channels. At this point the SEM enters.

This terminology corresponds to the positioning of our business or brand in search engines. Having a good positioning is related to your target audience locating you among the possible tidal wave of competition. When making a digital marketing strategic plan, the advantages of SEM will have an important gap, together with seo strategy, Social Media O email marketing.

What do I need to know to run SEM campaigns?

Before embarking on an adventure and advertising on the Internet, we will have to consider a series of goals realistic. With these goals in hand, We will analyze which channels are the most suitable, the type of message and to what public we are going to address. At this point we will determine your age, geography, languages… and any data to make a much more specific segmentation. Within the type of ads, we can choose if we want them to appear in the search network, of display, both options or shopping. A favorite of advertisers is often the first choice (ads appear in Google searches based on keywords entered by the user).

Advantages of EMS

One of the advantages of doing SEM campaigns, It is without a doubt that the return on investment (KING) It is usually fast if the campaign is well focused.

Know your customers, How do they get to your website?, what type of device they use is very important. Internet advertising has a great success on mobile devices.

It allows you to promote products and businesses much faster than with traditional advertising. What's more, with the advantage of knowing that the impact occurs in the target and that whoever visits our website really has an interest in the brand.

It is possible to determine why words we want to be found in search engines. For it, It is advisable to previously carry out a study of the most appropriate keywords, what opportunities we have and those that are overwhelmed by the competition.

Forecast. We can make a previous estimation of the results depending on budget. This is important for the customer., since we will have to justify the budget that we propose.

You only have to decide how much you want to spend and we will tell you how much audience you can reach.
another of the EMS advantages is that we can track in real time, just as we do in One Line, to detect if there is any parameter of the campaign that does not work. They are very measurable campaigns in which to determine who, that, From where, etc.

The Web Analytics helps to know how much is spent on a digital marketing strategy. There are others metrics to measure success of SEM campaigns.

Disadvantages of SEM campaigns?

High competition can be a disadvantage, as well as the fact that it is a type of interruptive advertising (interrupt the user) and not optimized. This can be costly in the long run..

It is very important to study the competitors so as not to fall into their same mistakes. It is especially relevant, know them major marketing mistakes not to repeat them.

In conclusion, we see that the EMS advantages are superior to its disadvantages if you know how to develop it and take advantage of its potential.

If you do not know anything about how to advertise on the internet through SEM campaigns, we invite you to make a Google Adwords training.

Do you want to know more about SEM campaigns??

At One Line we are specialists in this type of campaigns.



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