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web positioning barcelona

Get ranked with web positioning Barcelona

Placing a keyword such as Barcelona Web Positioning among the first positions in Google, It is not an easy task, requires study and continuous work. It is not enough to work long hours the first few days and forget about it.. If our goal is to achieve results, requires daily consistency.

Web Positioning Barcelona is just one example, for each case we will have their keywords and difficulties.

How to do Seo Positioning in Barcelona? 

The best thing to position your website is to hire a good SEO expert, as we mentioned above, since each company is a different world and requires a previous study.

Analyze your keywords, know which ones have the highest search volume, conversion, average cost per customer, etc... all that, requires an objective analysis and not influenced by the emotions that one may have to their own business. And from there you start working on the website.

The competition is also studied to take references and keywords that we can use,  to work them and position themselves better than them.

Where to find SEO Experts in Barcelona? 

At One Line we have Seo Experts, we carry 8 years in the Spanish market in a professional and 5 of them in Barcelona. So far we have not had dissatisfied customers since we do what we agreed and look for realistic goals.

After performing an analysis of your website, we can see the possibilities, what to optimize and make a budget to suit you. We will use the data from the analysis to recommend what is best for your business.

web positioning barcelona

What we do and it gives us good results? Once we have the keywords, we work with them in the different sections of their website, for example: Use them in titles, descriptions, photo names, url’s. We adjust your entire web page so that Google indexes it better and gives better results.

Later we update / We add a specific plugin for SEO positioning and we analyze improvements with external programs that we have..

Apart from having technical knowledge of how SEO works and what needs to be changed (We have to be up to date since Google always updates its algorithms and from one day to the next we can become obsolete), we also have payment programs to further analyze and improve your website.

If you want more information about our Seo Positioning services,

You can contact us with any questions you have!! We can do a basic study of your website at no cost to you so you can get an idea of ​​how we work and what we can do.

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Google patents

Learn about Google patents to improve your SEO

Learning SEO is always a challenge, ¿no?

On the one hand, there is no single site of knowledge and information must be collected bit by bit from many different places.

Secondly, information is often misinterpreted, giving rise to wild theories. That's why, than to know only the truth and nothing but the truth about SEO, it is best to go to the source itself: Google itself.

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What is surfaces across google

Every day, billions of people search with the intention of buying on Google. This program allows users to see the results of their store's products on various Google surfaces, including Google Images, the Google Shopping tab, Google Lens y Google Search (This varies by country.). By participating in the surface program at Google, your products will appear for free on Google.

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Google's new version of Shopping in the US. UU.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The new Google Shopping results page is now available in the United States, advertisement the company on Thursday.

The idea is that Google creates a renewed experience by personalizing purchases on Google Shopping. Since May, Google has been focusing on personalized purchases, to local inventory and improve purchasing through Google Shopping. The experience began in France at the beginning of this year and consists of the incorporation of Google Shopping Actions, an effort by Google to take on Amazon, which has been reducing the search for products in the search engine in recent years.

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The 4 best tools to do a good Keyword Research

To make a good Keyword Research O, in Spanish, keyword search, It is necessary to use some tools that facilitate this task and provide you with relevant metrics.. In the current market there are a large number of offers, most paid, but you can also use some free ones and achieve optimal results.

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