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10 steps to increase online sales

Discover your way to the top of the search engines with this complete guide to SEO.

Most small businesses that have a website today, They don't have the internal knowledge to optimize their content and increase online sales.

En One Line, we solve problems marketing digitalSEO, PPC, email marketing, content writing – every day, and we are often surprised that many companies do not understand what SEO means, and much less know how to address it.

How to increase online sales and not die trying

online visibilityOn most of the websites, from online stores, informative websites to blogs and wikis, Most of these website owners use a basic approach to search engine optimization and increase online sales by being more visible..

Publish your website on various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and they think that users are already connected to their site. Some go to blogs and forums, related or not, and they begin to “calculus” with links (random comments, text messages and send links to your site). Even worse, They will pay companies to carry out this useless exercise. This technique is known as “Linkbaiting”.

Next, if that doesn't work, They buy a book to apply all the SEO techniques and sit and wait for something to happen. Often, This is what a webmaster who has been told to optimize does a company website, that is not part of your daily routine or space of knowledge.

Instead of these unnecessary attempts, a strong long-term commitment to SEO is needed. We must always be aware of search engines and their ever-changing underlying environment.

Google, the main search engine, and for which it is optimized, drive more than 90% of search traffic in Spain and uses more than 200 algorithms for crawling and managing HTML content (factores On Page), external profiles (factores Off Page), link architectures, popularity and reputation, as well as the PageRank calculation (a complex voting system) y robots web. The content collected from search sites is stored in huge databases on the powerful network of networks.

Google gives all these elements an overall score, but if you have optimized well on all pages and have reviewed your competition and your strategy, you may rank well on competitive keywords. Nevertheless, You should keep in mind that the more competitive your term is, The longer it will take to achieve a good positioning and thus be able to increase online sales, but you can slowly get there.

Steps to increase online sales?

aumentar ventas onlineWe present you a plan of 10 steps to increase online sales of your website and increase searches. The first five steps address parts of your website's HTML code, while the last five are more abstract. Together, they add to an SEO guide “essential“.

1. Title tag

This is the most important thing of all. If you have the title tag set correctly, and it's a unique enough phrase, you could rank on the first page just for this.

Write your keywords at the beginning of the title and put your company name last, unless it's Coca-Cola or you have a well-known brand.

2. Meta tags

  • Description

Place the description of your website content between the blank quotes with a call to action like, “Register here” O “Call us at 900 XXX-XXXX”.

  • Keywords

Place keywords in bold font, on italic, underlined or "in quotation marks". Google seems to like it.

3. Header tags

  • H1: this HTML tag should contain your main keywords, one per page.
  • H2: this HTML tag must contain derivatives of the keywords.

4. Body

  • Content

Use content that matches your site's keywords. Ideally, must have between 400 a 800 words on a page.

  • Create a blog

WordPress is an amazing blog that is free and can be easily optimized through plugins. Then, write posts twice a week.

5. Crea Enlaces o Linkbuikding

  • Use links and anchor text to build popularity and reputation around keywords (for instance: don't link just the word “Click here”, create a better link, as “Download the digital camera manual”).
  • Internal links (links to other pages on your site)
  • Outgoing links (they link to another authority site with similar subject matter)
  • Reciprocal links (exchange of links between contacts or partners)
  • One-way links (when other sites link to your blog, press releases or articles) They are usually more effective than exit and reciprocal ones.

For some internal links, use “rel = nofollow” in the code to avoid losing PageRank to less important pages like “About us”, “Contact Us” and “Privacy Policy”.

6. Domains

If you create a new site, try to get a URL that already exists (buy it if necessary).

Google gives more reliability to domains that are older.

Use keywords in an easy-to-remember domain. Google recognizes domains that have existed and establishes more credibility than with newly created domains; you should avoid the Google Sandbox (where for months, you will not appear in Google results).

7. Users first, then the search engine

Make sure your sites have valuable and readable content. If you have optimized only for search engines and no users stay on your website, you have not been successful.

This phenomenon is often called the evil of SEO by Yoast, which tends to be optimized both with this plugin de WordPress that in the end it seems that we write for machines instead of writing for people.

Usability, directory structures and file names should be well defined. An easy way to solve this is to use so-called breadcrumbs and natural links. No flash or JavaScript programs or image-based links. Develop a flat directory structure (no more than three levels deep) and name your keywords in the url (for instance: marketing-digital.htm)

8. Keyword research

The development of keywords It is one of the first points to start increasing your online visibility. Two to three keywords are allowed per page. In combination with the elements listed in the first five steps above, you will get a success score.

Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google Keyword Tool, and the keyword tool SEOBook.

Try to find keywords that have the highest number of searches; more of 20,000 searches for your keyword are good, but it all depends on the theme of your website.

9. Competence

Find out what the competition is doing. Type your search term into a search engine and get into the top three or five results. Look at these sites and see what they are doing, how their usability is designed and especially the On Page and Off Page links..

To find out how many sites link to your competition, enter “link: http: //” a Google. Do the same on Yahoo!, and you will see a higher count because Yahoo! It's more inclusive.

10. be cool.

  • Don't let this business get to you; it's frustrating sometimes. SEO is a long-term commitment. Some weeks are great, others don't.
  • Requires a large investment of time, sweat and perseverance.
  • You should focus on the content and design of the website naturally; be ethical (don't spam); and realistic, This is a business and nothing is free..
  • Don't forget that the marketing digital It is multifaceted.
  • 1 decade 100 Digital Marketing professionals DO NOT recommend building a plan integral de marketing understanding.
  • You should not only work with online factors, but you must create a solid offline marketing strategy, using ideas as flyers, commercial magazine advertisements, sales and telephone jobs, word-of-mouth recommendations and additional tactics that can help create a “rumor” around your products and services. Search engine optimization applied correctly will create a better online visibility, but it's just a part of you global marketing strategy.

Of all these steps, the best one you can follow to stay healthy at least during the first months of starting your website is to create a good advertising campaign. website advertising.

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