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The 6 best tools to find keywords for your Adwords campaigns

The best support tools for Google AdWords

The suite AdWords is one of the most complete tools that we can recommend for marketing online. and within Google AdWords you can find instruments that, generously, They will allow you to manage your advertising campaigns.

Some of the following tools may be essential when performing adwords campaigns, regardless of whether you are agency of marketing online or a simple employee with a small business. If you are a geek Web design and you see that only with SEO positioning visits do not increase as you would like, it is a good time to think about making some SEM campaigns.

1. Semrush

It is one of the tools that we consider essential For any adwords agency or person who wants to create quality campaigns with good SEO, WHICH y marketing online in full reach. It has a large number of possibilities, being one of the most important the PPC.


When you are clear about what keyword you want to be found for, Semrush gives you a lot of information:

search trends of that keyword.

– Which is the search volume.

– What is your level of competition.

– And Approximate CPC.

– Other keywords that contain yours and words that are related but not exactly the same.

This information is already useful in itself, but it will also provide you with a list of who is competing with your keyword in AdWords.

2. Keyword eye

It's a tool freemium, namely, You have a free part and a more advanced paid part. Nevertheless, its free version can be very useful.

He will show you suggestions of keywords through a structure of word clouds that are colored differently depending on the search volume they have and their importance.

It is true that the free version can be of great help, but we believe that its real potential is in the paid version. With it you will obtain information about the average CPC that each keyword has, as well as the number of results offered by your organic search.

3. Ultimate KeyWord Tool

It is an interesting application for concatenate different keywords. Certainly, It is a job that you could do in Excel, but with this tool you can add concordances to the words, modify the order of concatenations and capitalize words.

It is highly recommended and can be a great support for you.

4. Google Trends

It is one of the most classic applications as far as keywords are concerned.

Its main use is to obtain information on the trends of each keyword over time., You can also review them geographically and compare them with any other term to find out which one can be more effective..

5. KW Finder

Keyword finderIt offers you the possibility of obtaining, Immediately, and dashboard on any keyword that may interest you. This information will greatly help you make decisions about what keywords you must use at all times.

In each search you can:

– Receive a list of suggestions related to your search with the price and estimated volume in CPC campaigns.

– Know the main rivals for your keywords. You will be able to know the trust rank and the page rank of every one of them.

– Know how trends in searches evolve.

6. Google Auto Suggest

It must be made clear that it is not an official tool, but yes very useful. It will allow you to expand your horizons to get better keywords.

If you don't know how to use it, It is very simple: go to Google and start typing anything related to what you want to analyze. A list of words will appear immediately as predictive writing. It is information that tells you what is most demanded in the search engine.

Put these tools to work for your AdWords campaigns

These are the best tools for AdWords for being the most useful. We understand that the most recommended, for complete, is Semrush.


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