One Line is a digital marketing agency based in Barcelona and Madrid that offers services of Web Analytics, Web design, SEO positioning, website advertising, social networks and e-commerce all of them oriented so that your company or business obtains results. We manage projects in a personalized way throughout the process, offering advice and comprehensive management of digital marketing actions to our clients.

We define the digital marketing strategy

We apply the synergy of all these services together and integrated with the digital marketing strategies that your business needs. All this, always depending on what you want to achieve: increase visits to your website, sales of your online store, increased visibility, social media interaction...

We define the tactical actions and the digital marketing strategy aligned as the sides of a hexagon to achieve the success of your company.

Analitica WEB

We analyze in detail the results of marketing actions to make the best decisions.

Diseño WEB

Tailor-made websites, absolutely unique and oriented towards the objectives of your brand.

Posicionamiento SEO

Do you want that when someone searches for your product or service on Google, they find you first??

Publicidad WEB

Campaigns optimized to the maximum so that you obtain the expected results with the minimum investment.

Redes Sociales

Are you a liberal or self-employed professional and want to get more clients through Social Networks??


Ecommerce or online store is already the main sales channel for many companies.

Do you want to contract any of our digital marketing services??

Request an appointment with our commercial and we will study your case in a personalized way.

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