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Adaptation to the RGPD


We have created a form for those companies that process personal data that, first, would imply a low level of risk, such as: processing of contact data and billing of customers or suppliers of a small business, or the processing of the data of its employees for the purpose of maintaining an employment relationship.

This form is a general aid and as such is not perfect for all cases because there may be peculiarities of each company that cannot be taken into account..

The documents resulting from the execution of this program will be valid to the extent that the answers provided to each of the questions are true and are the minimum necessary to facilitate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR).

One Line does not guarantee full compliance with the GDPR, It must be the recipients themselves who must comply with the regulations.

This series of questions is intended to analyze your company and determine what level of risk it has.

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    If the activity of your organization belongs to any of these sectors, mark it:

    If your organization processes any of the data on the list, mark them:

    If your organization performs any of the following treatments, mark it:

    I have read theterms and Conditions.


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