Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics used for?

Web analytics can not only measure the number of visits to your website, If not, it allows us to know what users are doing within your page..

With an analysis of your website we will know things such as the time spent on it, From which device do they connect?, what is your location and at what time.

summarizing, we obtain vital information to know the pages that most attract your attention and recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

Web Analytics Factors

There are many factors that are taken into account when making the Web Analytics of your company. To attract qualified traffic it is necessary to have tools that make this process easier. In addition to using keywords, a good Web design, carry out campaigns email marketing, It is necessary to have web analytics tools professionals.

The tools we use at One Line try to give our customers as much information as possible. For it, we simplify the generation of reports by extracting:

  • Significant data on the state of the website as well as a list of tips.
  • We explain what we are going to implement in order to attract visitors to the website.
  • We make a Google Analytics training basic, adequate for you to understand the reports.

We can say, that the most used tool to carry out a web analytics is Google Analytics. this tool, allows us to collect data from visits to the website, bounce rate, the permanence on the page and knowing the number of recurring visits among others. Doing this task takes time, dedication and knowledge… our team has the Google Analytics certification and in SemRush.

SemRush It is a tool capable of detecting what is not working well and telling how to correct it., as well as identify what the users of your business are looking for so that you can achieve success.

Purpose of Web Analytics

Our goal is to help businesses, a attract quality traffic, through inbound marketing and search engine optimization, convert your traffic into leads, monitor your rivals and get a better ROI on your digital marketing investment.

Through web analytics, we seek to understand a website gets unique visitors, what pages are viewed, if they come from social networks or email, all of it, in order to carry out a series of steps to achieve success. The data obtained is used to know the behavior of visitors, what are its tendencies and if digital marketing strategies have come to permeate users.

With this privileged information, errors are corrected and a digital strategic plan is carried out in order to execute more profitable campaigns to obtain better results and achieve the established objective..

The basis of web analytics lies in carrying out a good digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is successful if you observe the behavior of users on your website. Identify interests and needs, meet website users, by performing web analytics you can stimulate visits.

Thus, the basis of web analytics can always be a good digital marketing strategy that attracts many visits, but the visits must become potential clients or better said in quality visits.

If your website is very successful and you get, Let's say, a traffic of 100.000 visits per month, the important thing is no longer if they are 100.000 visits the 50.000, it is much more important that these visits are of quality.

Get quality visitors

To get quality visits, you need essentially three things:

  1. Be clear about what you offer your customers.
  2. Define well what the profile of the clients you are targeting is like, What are your main characteristics and interests?.
  3. A good digital marketing strategy to attract customers that match your market niche and, as far as possible, retain them (Not: convert them into subscribers to your mailing list).
  4. Tools to analyze and follow up that verify that you are doing the three previous points well.

Do you want to know more about Web Analytics??

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We work thoroughly Web Analytics obtaining unsurpassed results.

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