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SEM campaigns in Google Adwords

How to guarantee the success of your SEM campaign

  • We carefully select all the keywords and analyze them with tools such as the google ads keyword planner O Semrush.
  • We guide the Search or Display campaigns a digital marketing strategies predefined with the client.
  • We create optimized ads to get a good high level of quality, segmenting the campaigns, ad groups and keywords.
  • We control the daily budget reviewing the CPC (Cost per Click), KING (Return on Investment) and Conversions (in case of Online Stores) for the investment to be profitable.
  • We analyze the results of the SEM campaign and we send a monthly report with conclusions and recommendations to the client.
Google Adwords

Why choose OneLine?

  • We attract quality traffic with potential customers to increase your sales.
  • We guarantee not to exceed the cost of the campaigns.
  • We carry out a periodic analysis of the results and inform you.

What do our SEM campaigns consist of??

The SEM campaigns (Search Engine Marketing), consist of positioning in search engines through sponsored links or advertisements, appearing in search results, at the top or bottom of it. The immediacy in the appearance of the ads in the first positions of search engines is one of the main advantages of SEM. Once the campaign is configured, the ads appear 10 minutes to 24 hours.

In One Line we are certified by Google for search campaigns and we manage and optimize your Google campaigns, through search ads, display ads, shopping ads or YouTube ads so that your investment has the minimum cost providing the desired reach.

Do you want to do an advertising campaign on Google?

At One Line we carry out Google Ads Campaigns.

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